Sabbath Experience!

 A Traditional Erev Shabbat (Sabbath Eve)


The Friday evening Sabbath Experience (Erev Shabbat) is so much more than a religious experience. It is more of an event where everyone is involved and participating. There is no one way to conduct a Sabbath Experience, however, there are many aspects that are considered standard within Jewish tradition. For a complete resource guide for the traditional Jewish Sabbath, checkout “Practicing the Sabbath with Community,” a book written by Daniel Goldstein.

At Jewels of Judaism we strive to bring our guests through a traditional experience that a typical Jewish family would encounter on any given Friday evening. We also provide explanations throughout the evening so that our guests can follow and participate step by step. Make the Sabbath Experience part of your next trip to Israel! Checkout what others are saying about the Sabbath Experience by clicking this link: Sabbath Testimonies  

The Sabbath Experience includes the following:

  • The Sabbath Experience begins at a home* in Jerusalem as the sun is setting upon the city. In the home there will be a full explanation of the traditional “Kabalat Shabbat,” the welcoming of the Sabbath.  

  • During the evening there is full participation in the blessings and various songs of the Sabbath (in both Hebrew and English). To view some of our “Sabbath Songs” click here: Sabbath Songs & Videos

  • A complete explanation of the Sabbath will be presented with the various family and community traditions for the full 25-hour period of the Sabbath.

  • Throughout the evening each guest will taste the delights of the Sabbath including the Sabbath “Challah bread” and “Kiddush wine” with typical Middle Eastern hospitality. 

  • A short discussion of the current Torah portion will also be presented. To learn more about the Weekly Torah Portion click here: Torah Portion

  • The duration of a traditional Sabbath Experience is a minimum of 2-3 hours. The start time and end time are dependent on the season of the year, the setting of the sun, and the preference of the group. A shortened version is also available upon request.

Watch this video to learn more about the Sabbath Experience:

 TGI shabbat

 Please contact us today for reservations or more details.

Come and Experience the Sabbath with us!


* For groups of 60 or more the Sabbath Experience will take place in a rented facility or in the group’s hotel.

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