The Passover


The first Passover in the Bible was the defining event for the Jewish people. At Passover the children of Israel were set free from slavery, set free from Egypt, and began a journey with God and Moses to the Promised Land.

Passover exodus

The Passover is another precious gem from the Bible combined with Jewish tradition that Jewels of Judaism has been actively educating others about in order to help them understand God’s true intent for Jew and Gentile alike. Today, following tradition from the past 3,500 years, Jews all around the world have a week long celebration of Passover beginning with the first night of Passover, which includes the Passover Seder.

A natural outworking of educating about the Passover has also been to host and lead Passover Seder meals for groups.  Whether in Israel or in your home country, we would be happy to guide and teach your community in the traditions and meaning of the Passover Seder. If your family or group will be in Israel during this coming Passover we invite you to join us in Jerusalem. This year the Passover Seder will be celebrated on the evening of April 10, 2017.  The Passover Seder is also available throughout the year as an educational experience.

A traditional Passover Seder includes the following:

  • Reading of the traditional Jewish Haggadah (Passover Seder book). This book is in both Hebrew and English. 
  • A complete explanation of how orthodox Jews celebrate the Passover today.
  • Throughout the Seder Passover connections will be made to the “Last Supper,” which Yeshua had with His disciples, and how the Passover connects to Yeshua and the New Testament.
  • Full participation of all the traditions with regard to the Seder Passover including blessings which are read together for the various foods of Passover.
  • Singing of traditional Passover songs.
  • All Passover foods will be provided: including the Passover plate with symbolic elements, Matza, bitter herbs, and the Charoset (the sweet apple mixture).
  • A full Passover meal consisting of salads, traditional Passover cuisine, a chicken or beef dish, rice, and vegetables.
  • Various desserts appropriate to Passover.
  • Soft drinks, grape juice, and wine are also included.

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Passover Seder

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