Sabbath Testimonies

Sabbath Testimony - Pastor Gary

Sabbath Testimony - Aline

Deanna's Sabbath Testimony

Sabbath Testimony - Lasanthe & Manjula

Sabbath Testimony - Kelsey

A Sabbath Testimony - One Man's Perspective

One Couple's Sabbath Testimony

Marc's Testimony

Sabbath Testimony

The Sabbath Experience

The Sabbath Requires Preparation

The Sabbath Includes Songs and Friends

The Sabbath is Best in Community

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  1. Daniel
    I met you at sal,s house for shabat dinner.
    I read some of your book, and I,m inspired to keep the shabat dinner for my family.
    last Saturday night we made a go of it. it was God glorifying ! I will continue and encourage my family to see the blessing and beauty in worshiping Yeshua in this way.
    thank you for showing me.

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